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Department of Veterans Affairs
- Education Benefits

U.S. military veterans, service members with two years of service, and members of the Selected Reserve can apply for education benefits.

AKS Massage School will help veteran students successfully pursue their education through Dept. of Veterans Affairs assistance.

Educational Allowance

The Montgomery GI Bill provides veterans with a monthly educational allowance to help you pay for your education. The monthly benefit amount depends upon the number of credits you take each term, the length of each course, and the length of your initial enlistment.

Veterans may be eligible for 36 months of full-time educational benefits, provided you completed your initial obligation with an honorable discharge. However, you must use your benefits within 10 years of your separation date.


16 hours per week at AKS Massage School =
9 to 11 semester credits =
$775.50 per month educational allowance

AKS Massage School does not have an advance payment agreement with the Dept. of Veterans Affairs. This means your tuition must be paid when you register for the program. New applicants should allow 10-12 weeks from the date your application for benefits and your certification of enrollment was processed by the school to receive your first check.

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More Information

Visit the following websites for more detailed information regarding veteran education benefits:

U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

Montgomery GI Bill

Current GI Bill pay rates

VONAPP (Veterans On Line Applications)

Virginia Dept. of Veterans Services / education benefits

Call the following number for more detailed information regarding education benefits:


An automated system provides information about veteran educational benefits 24-hours a day, seven days a week.

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